Maria Magdalena Musat
Maria Magdalena Musat
TICC ACC Candidate
About Me
- Bucharest, Romania

As a trauma informed life coach, I believe in the mind-body-spirit connection and the power within to create transformational growth. I approach my coaching with empathy and compassion, helping my clients navigate and break free from limiting beliefs. With a solid background in fitness and nutrition, my approach encompasses both physical and mental health and I empower my clients to make healthy choices in all areas of their lives and improve their overall well-being. With a focus on self-awareness and healing, grace and gratitude as essential guiding principles, my service is here to unlock your full potential and create lasting change. Whether you’re seeking personal or professional growth, you’re looking to release patterns that are holding you back, reframe your mindset, or redirect your life towards your goals, I am here to guide you on your journey.
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