Professional Development Courses

Who are the Professional Development Courses for?

Individuals and professionals seeking to enhance their expertise, tools, and understanding in the realm of Trauma-Informed Practices for the purpose of aiding their clients, teams, and communities. This includes Community Leaders, such as parents, teachers, social workers, or anyone involved with children/young adults and vulnerable populations.

Trauma-Informed Practices & Conversations Certification

For Community Leaders, parents, teachers, social workers or anyone working with children/young adults and vulnerable populations. ​

Trauma-informed practices and conversations constitute a compassionate and holistic approach that recognizes the widespread impact of trauma on individuals’ lives.

MTHS Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification

For HR and business professionals who do not require ICF certification.

For those interested in working with trauma survivors as clients. The course enhances the ability to recognize when trauma is impacting clients or preventing them from moving forward. It covers how trauma affects the body, how to coach trauma survivors, when to refer clients and much more. TICB or another coaching certification required.

Trauma-Informed Relationship Coach Certification


For those with an existing Coaching Certification and knowledge of Trauma-Informed principles.

Trauma-Informed Relationship Coach Certification is a 8 session component designed to further the skill and confidence to work with couples who experienced traumatic events and to facilitate growth in such an environment. The curriculum is structured around the five pillars of a successful relationship: Introduction, Building, Love/Connection, Growth, and Sustainability.

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