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30-minute discovery call with Susan Hogarth, co-founder of Moving the Human Spirit and a global leader in Trauma-Informed Coaching. During your call, Susan will share her wealth of knowledge in Trauma-Informed Coaching and valuable insights into navigating the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and, more importantly, a personalized discussion on planning a coaching journey tailored specifically to your needs. Susan’s passion for this work is not just a part of her day; it defines it. You will undoubtedly sense her genuine enthusiasm and commitment to helping individuals like yourself embark on meaningful Trauma-Informed Coaching courses.

Trauma-Informed Coach Training FAQs

Trauma-informed coaches have training in client regulation, brain-body connection, behavioural reaction, different types of traumas, leading causes, and subsequent symptoms. They will have learned methods to help ‘regulate’ the nervous system, discard shame and guilt through powerful questions, and recognize and promote wellness as it starts to develop.

Trauma-informed coaches have learned the proper channels for referral and the growing relationship between clinical professionals, therapists, and coaches.

To become a trauma-informed coach, one must have authenticity, strong values, and beliefs that are not limiting to working in this area.

Our course teaches you how to be clear about setting boundaries between therapy and coaching. Trauma-informed coaches do not treat trauma and do not diagnose. However, they understand the nuances of working with clients who have experienced trauma.

Trauma-informed coaches help alleviate trauma symptoms in their clients by facilitating a safe space to create positive experiences, creating awareness of emotions, and supporting clients to envision and create the future they desire.

As trauma-informed coaches, we acknowledge the past where it is, honour the person for who they are, and focus on bringing awareness to the present and the positive potential of the future, including post-traumatic growth.

The goal of trauma-informed coaching is to support the client to move towards mastery of their situation and practice new ways of being while using learned tools and skillsets. You help them move towards creating a calm, peaceful and enriched life for themselves

The intensity of our training to become a trauma-informed coach can stimulate difficult emotional situations in some students. This training was developed to train coaches and is not a substitute for personal therapy.

Moving the Human Spirit reserves the right to deny acceptance to an applicant and may withdraw a participant from the program at any time if a participant’s behaviour, attitude, or views negatively impact the quality of the training program or the other participants. MTHS facilitators and their assistants assess the suitability of participants for the program during the first five training sessions. Participants will receive a full refund minus an administration fee if requested to leave during this period.

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