Our industry-leading courses are ICF-accredited, 100% online, and available worldwide

Our industry-leading courses are ICF-accredited, 100% online, and available worldwide

    About Mentoring

    Mentoring is professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency and capability required for International Coaching Federation accreditation. We are pleased to offer mentor coaching for accreditation at the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level.

    Mentors offer coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process based on an observed or recorded coaching session. This increases the capability of the coach to align with the ICF Core Competencies in preparation for submission review.

    Mentoring consists of:

    • three group mentor sessions (2 hours 20 minutes) – 7 hours in total
    • three one-on-one sessions (1 hour) – 3 hours in total

    The ICF specifies that mentoring must occur within a three- to six-month timeframe.

    Group Mentoring

    The group mentoring sessions provide seven of the ten mentor hours required by the International Coaching Federation. Sessions are led by our team of trauma-informed coaching mentors.

    Each session lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes and involves listening to coach session recordings submitted by participants and discussing learning. Students should five minutes before class to complete a sound check to ensure the technology functions correctly.

    There are four weeks between each mentoring group session to give students time to practice what they’ve learned.

    Coach Session Recordings

    • Students must submit a recorded coaching session 48-72 hours before the first group mentoring session. 

    • Recording should be 20-60 minutes in length – 30 minutes is ideal.
    • Submit the entire coaching session along with a written transcript, identifying the 15-minute section on which the group mentor should focus to optimize the competencies for review and feedback.
    • Email your group mentor to determine the best delivery method (Dropbox, WeTransfer or WinZip).
    • Individual recordings are reviewed during one of the three group sessions. Group mentors also identify recurring themes that would benefit the group.
    • A recording exchange is acceptable if a prior submission has not aired.

      Group Mentoring Dates and Times

      Find the group mentor session dates and times by clicking the button below.
      Individual sessions are agreed between you and your mentor.

      One-to-One Mentoring

      Trauma-Informed Coaching Level 1 students receive three hours of one-on-one mentoring with a mentor coach. This covers the remaining three of the ten mentor hours the International Coaching Federation requires. All mentoring must be completed within six (6) months, starting with your first group session date.

      If this requirement has not been met by the end of the course, additional one-to-one mentoring can be arranged for $199 (CAD + applicable tax) per hour by emailing admin.

      Mentor students can log up to 10 hours of coaching toward their ACC application through one-to-one coaching of students in component 1 (TICCB).

      Arranging One-to-One Mentoring

      • Mentors for one-to-one sessions are available from our website. Students can start one-to-one mentor sessions after the second group mentor session is complete.

      • Select a mentor from the website and book a mentor session.

      • Submit a recorded coaching session 48-72 hours before the session. The recording should be about 30 minutes in length.
      • Identifying the desired section on which the mentor should focus to optimize the competencies for review and feedback. 

      • After completing the mentor session, record whom it was with and when by emailing admin.

        Final Assessment Recordings

        After completing the 10 hours of mentoring, participants will submit their final recording and transcript in a Word document to your group mentor for final assessment. Evaluations may take up to four weeks.

        Mentoring must occur within a three- to six-month timeframe. If an extension is required, an additional three months may be purchased for $250 (CAD).

        Mentoring Student Checklist

        Mentoring begins five weeks after the last day of module 2 and per the International Coach Federation (ICF), mentoring must span a minimum of 3 months.

        Students receive an email with access to the mentoring student portal, a mentoring student manual, helpful links, a welcome video and information on setting up a bio for our website.

        • Create a bio to be included in our ICFM coach directory.
          Bios must include:

          • a single, clear, student headshot
          • a paragraph explaining your philosophy, coaching approach, and any relevant personal information for attracting clients (about 250 words)
          • Contact information such as phone number, email, scheduling links, websites, and social media (if applicable)
          • Your geographical location so students will be aware of the time zone

        There is no guarantee that students will sign up, so please connect with current networks to find potential clients to coach. Our trauma-informed coaching community Facebook page is an excellent place to start.

        • Email admin to let them know that your bio has been submitted.
        • Practice recording yourself coaching.
        • Use the ICF Coaching Log to record all coaching hours.

        Any coaching sessions completed with friends, family and co-workers from the date you start the Level 1 course count toward client hours.

        Students receive an email with a class login and contact details for the group mentor.

        • Choose a coaching session to submit to the group mentor and email them to arrange how to send it.
          Send the entire coaching session, specifying the fifteen-minute segment on which the mentor should focus. Remember, this is a learning opportunity. We are not looking for perfection, but for ways to grow as a coach.
        • Email admin and the group mentor to confirm you have received all information and plan to attend class.
          100% attendance for group sessions is mandatory. If you can’t attend all three sessions, let admin know so they can arrange a different mentor date.

        • Read and check all the material on the mentoring student portal in preparation for the group sessions.

        Students should receive an email reminder the day before the session and again a few hours in advance. Email admin if these emails do not arrive.

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