Global leaders in trauma-informed coaching certification

Global leaders in trauma-informed coaching certification

Our industry-leading courses are ICF-accredited, 100% online, and available worldwide

Our industry-leading courses are ICF-accredited, 100% online, and available worldwide

Our Training

Trauma-informed coaching is an approach to coaching that considers the potential impact of trauma on an individual’s life and seeks to create a safe and supportive environment for clients who have experienced trauma. The primary goal of trauma-informed coaching is to help clients heal and build resilience while honoring their unique experiences and perspectives.

The depth of information and skill to ‘hold’ a space for profound coaching work is what gives Trauma-Informed Coaching its nuance and strength. Trauma-Informed Coaches have training in client regulation, brain-body connection, behavioral reaction, different types of traumas, leading causes, and subsequent symptoms. They have learned the proper channels for referral and the growing relationship between clinical professionals, therapists, and coaches. To become a Trauma-Informed Coach, one must have authenticity, strong values, and beliefs that are not limiting working in this area. They will have learned methods to help ‘regulate’ the nervous system, discard shame and guilt through powerful questions, and recognize and promote wellness as it starts to develop.

ICF Level 1

Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification

Participants who complete the full Level 1 accredited program will be eligible to apply for credentials from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) using the ACC Level 1 Credentialing Applications. These applications do not require participation in the ICF Performance Evaluation Process.


Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification 40 CCE

For those interested in working with trauma survivors as clients. The course enhances the ability to recognize when trauma is impacting clients or preventing them from moving forward. It covers how trauma affects the body, how to coach trauma survivors, when to refer clients and much more. TICB or another coaching certification required.

Professional Development

Professional development training provides valuable opportunities for individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge in their chosen field. Participants can benefit from the latest industry insights and best practices, ultimately helping them advance their careers and make a meaningful impact within their career and organizations.

Why Train with Us?

Moving the Human Spirit are world leaders in trauma-informed coaching certification.

  • Moving the Human Spirit designed the first ever trauma-informed coaching course recognized and accredited by the International Coaching Federation
  • Moving the Human Spirit are recognized globally in trauma-informed coaching certification
  • Delivered by world-class trainers with years of experience in trauma-informed coaching
  • Recognized by the UK Health Coaches Association
  • Learn from your home or office – our courses are delivered online and available worldwide
  • Join our growing international network of certified trauma-informed coaches

Trusted by:

“These courses have garnered widespread recognition and esteem as the preeminent training programs within the global trauma-informed coaching and recovery domain.”

Who we are

As co-founders of Moving the Human Spirit, Brad Hardie and Susan Hogarth have revolutionized the coaching field by pioneering trauma-informed coaching practices. They have developed the inaugural trauma-informed coaching program to receive accreditation from the International Coaching Federation.

What Do Our Graduates Say?

TICC builds a safe learning platform for participants to engage in trauma-informed learning. The course offers updated scientific knowledge and practical tools to support learners applying effective coaching techniques in any workplace, and work field; at the same time, the learning journey itself can become a trauma healing process in both personal and professional level. The facilitators and organizers are supportive to everyone. I enjoyed the learning process and meet other great professionals who have similar interests.

Keybi, TICC Graduate

All I can say is: Wow. I enrolled in this course at the recommendation of a friend, hoping to gain some wisdom, skills, and insight into coaching in general, and wanted a trauma informed lens. This course (TICB and TICC) gave me that and then some! Not only was I learning, but I was doing some own inner healing. This was one of the most eye-opening, mind-blowing and incredible experiences of my life!

Marisa D, TICC Graduate

Every person experienced trauma, whether they’re aware of it or not. The TICC coaching model enables coaches to FULLY meet their clients where they are. Whether you want to work directly with clients who are aware of their trauma or you want to work with the general public or even in a business or corporate setting…trauma will find its way into the conversation when the space is safe. It’s imperative to know how to hold that space. TICC shows you how. I left this program fully confident that I can coach anyone on anything.

Amy, TICC Graduate

A Global Network

We’re proud to offer ICF accredited Trauma-Informed Coach training to individuals and organizations across the globe!

Canada • United States • United Kingdom • Ireland • Maldives • Netherlands • France •
Switzerland • Belgium • Netherlands • Gibraltar • Australia • Trinidad & Tobago • Austria • Portugal •

Finland • Sweden • Germany • United Arab Emirates • Kuwait • Egypt • South Africa •

Hong Kong • Nigeria • Tanzania • Bahrain • Italy • New Zealand and counting!


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