What Do Our Graduates Say?

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What Do Our Graduates Say?

What Do Our Graduates Say?

The Global Leaders in Trauma-Informed Coach Training

Delivered by world-class trainers with years of experience in trauma-informed coaching, Moving the Human Spirit is proud to have designed the first ever trauma-informed coaching course recognized and accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Maria Silvia Paoli

The TICC is completely aligned with the ICF guidelines, core competencies, and code of ethics. As an ICF-certified coach, I found this program very rich in trauma-related information and exercises, that will for sure add great value to my practice. It was also a very rich experience to have shared this course with coaches, almost all of them with long experiences in their practices.

Nellie Choi

Trauma-Informed Coach training was a foundational training program that reinforced a holistic perspective on personal growth and development. Learning an embodied approach to coaching is the future of healing and I believe creates sustained change. Upon completing this training, I am walking away with tangible tools, methods, and competencies that will equip me to serve a diverse range of clients.

Roger Kenneth Marsh

The Trauma-Informed Coach training takes coaching to a deeper, more sensitive and transformational level than a typical coach training process or program. Being able to skillfully work in sensitive areas with a client is an incredibly powerful skill to develop. Having the confidence “to go there” with your client, knowing you can hold the space and coach toward a healing and empowering outcome gives me as a coach a lot more flexibility and capacity to support my clients.

Phoebe Jonas CPCC, APC, CARC

I really enjoyed the TICC training. Other coaching programs either touch on trauma or, perhaps rightly, don’t address it at all in a substantive way. the tools and exercises were clear, specific, effective, and meaningful -I’m so glad to have been able to add them to my toolbox. The TICC course will help me be a better coach, citizen, and person.

2023 TICC Graduate

This course has been truly transformative for me! have grown and learned so much and would highly recommend any individual interested in the effects of trauma on people and how we can move beyond and look to the future to rewire and to reframe regardless of our history or experiences to create a life and future of purpose and meaning!

Minal Kamlani

The MTHS TICC program has been a valuable resource for me in supporting coaching clients, colleagues, and friends with trauma. The principles are highly accessible to new coaches, and the guided exercises are immediately applicable to coaching clients. Most importantly, the program helped me quickly understand & experience positive mind-body shifts related to my own traumas.


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